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Unchained Geometry provides quality products and services for 2D and 3D graphics and geometry.

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Medial Axis Software

MidSurface Software

    for arbitrary 3D objects

Surface Reconstruction
    triangle meshing from an implicit definition
    reconstruction from medical scans
    reconstruction from laser range data

Geometric  Modeling

implicits, convolution surfaces,
    skeletally defined deformable objects

Vertex Deformation

3D Studio Max animation plug-in
    easy to setup easy to use artifact-free

    Medial-Based Vertex Deformation (paper)
mposium on Computer Animation

Application Development

    interactive 2D and 3D custom applications
        2D rasters and operations
    3D scenes, 3D widgets
    space partitioning, implicit polygonizaton
    vector, matrix and geometry operations
    mesh generation and manipulation
    line-drawing, shaded display


    2D / 3D interactive graphics and
    geometric modeling
design / implementation

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            J. Bloomenthal is president