Geometric Modeling

Unchained Geometry specializes in blend surfaces that are easily controlled and provide a high degree of geometric continuity.

Animators seek models that flex and transform, but that are easy to position and mold. Unfortunately, smoothly blended articulated models are often difficult to construct. Unchained Geometry solves this problem by extending the 'blobby  molecule' surfaces introduced by Blinn to three-dimensional convolution with skeletons composed of polygons or curves. The resulting convolution surfaces permit fluid topology changes, seamless part joins, and efficient implementation.

hand, sketch, convolution skeleton              

convolution primitives and summations

convolution surface

More specific techniques involve implicit construction and lofted surfaces, shown below.

Click here to view SIGGRAPH 2003 presentation on implicit surfaces (6 mbyte pdf).

implicit surface


skeletal-based, natural forms


non-manifold surfaces