These images were computer-generated from original software; they are in compressed (jpeg) format and have barely discernible artifacts (e.g., shimmering) compared with the originals. Two short movies.
All Images Copyright Jules Bloomenthal 1984-2003.

hand-thumbnail.jpg (3267 bytes)
hand modeled with
convolution surfaces, 1991
mighty-maple-thumbnail.jpg (4948 bytes)
the mighty maple, 1984
equi-torii-thumbnail.jpg (3237 bytes)
equi-potential surface
between interlocked tori

hollow spheroid blended
to bicubic patch, 1995

shell-thumbnail.jpg (2471 bytes)
contour lines, 1988

octree-thumbnail.jpg (3074 bytes)
octree and polygonization, 1987

sea-cuke-thumbnail.jpg (4145 bytes)
ray-traced implicit spikes

ink-jet-thumbnail.jpg (6294 bytes)
frame from ink-jet animation

tube-thumbnail.jpg (1918 bytes)
equi-radii implicit branch, 1988

mosaic-thumbnail.jpg (4852 bytes)
convolution primitives, 1991

bizarre-thumbnail.jpg (3732 bytes)
field strength tests

org-quality-thumbnail.jpg (7775 bytes)
skeletal progression

branch, 1984

hairy-thumbnail.jpg (3499 bytes)
grass-covered roots, 1988

medial surface, 2003

nice-thumbnail.jpg (5638 bytes)
field strength with
sinusoidal colormap